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Another Hummingbird Season Come And Gone

What a wonderful season it was! A couple of "firsts" for us this year...

A Hummingbird Perched

by dbkfrog via flickr

We had the pleasure of seeing the mating ritual up close and personal! I had seen it on the PBS broadcast but never in person. I was standing at the kitchen sink one morning when I noticed a repeating "beep" coming from outside. I looked out the window and saw a male ruby throat flying in the U-shaped pattern above a small tree repeatedly. Had I not seen that PBS documentary, I may not have known what was going on but this was exactly what had been shown. What a great experience!

Then, around the first or second week of August, we noticed a large increase in the amount of birds virtually overnight. Our new visitors appeared to be predominantly very small females. There were so many that our feeders were beyond capacity and I had to make a trip out to buy more. We ended up doubling our feeder space and none of them went to waste! We suspect that we had some babies!

Our friends finally departed the second week of October during a very warm weather period. High temperatures were near 80 during the day and in the 50's at night. This confirmed for me that they know when to go, despite whatever weather they may be enjoying.

A hummingbird at the feeder

by Eco Retread via flickr

And so we begin the take down of the feeders, their cleaning and storage for winter. The removal of all of the shepard's hooks from which they hang, taken to their winter home of the storage shed. The remains of all of our hummingbird plants which have withered away with the fading daylight have been gathered up and burnt. What remains are many shades of brown while we await winter's arrival, already looking ahead to the spring thaw and the return of all our feathered friends, both old and new...

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